What is
'Your Word Workshop'?

Your Word Workshop
provides a unique opportunity for both writers and readers. What we are trying to accomplish, exactly? This will be an undeniable way to avoid any form of content-misinformation.


do we intend on correcting the issue of writers and readers being misinformed? There is so much information out there, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find and understand it all!”

Gladiator couldn't agree more, there are entirely too many avenues to query for information. That can cultivate issues pertaining to out-of-date-data, unclear wording, or my personal favorite, the author of the content is not intelligent.

After some serious brainstorming, we believe there is a way for us to provide sustainable answers to our peers. From sources that we can trust. Let us see:

Each event will Feature up to FIVE professionals.

Every Guest undergoes an in-depth verification process to ensure authenticity

The guests will be live throughout every scheduled event.

Each featured professional will be covering any area of their choosing based on their expertise.

Unlike other web-based platforms, the featured professionals will not cover a structured curriculum.

Guests that have multiple expertise can choose to cover both topics if they have been pre approved

The featured professionals with display their credentials that provide proof of their expertise

With live engagements, viewers can receive an immediate response and clarification to their questions.

The guest experts are allowed to utilize search techniques if they are unsure of accuracy of their answers

These events are for viewers to ask these experts any question related to their expertise

The Featured Guests can not randomly select the questions which they will respond to. Guests must answer questions in the order they are received

The featured professional can not skip questions due to it's complexity. Each Guest can only refuse a question or disengage a conversation if the viewer is profane, offensive, antisemitic, racial, or just plain argumentative.

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