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Co-Owner / Editor in Chief

Haley Young has a reputation as an editor that has started over a dozen years ago as she Freelanced toward the Editorial Department. After many years old marking manuscripts for Traditional Houses, she was finding her daily routine has become less fulfilling as it once felt. One early morning, she decided that she was in need of a painful reappraisal of her life, and quit her job as an Editor. 

The journey to find a new passion was not too difficult to locate as she became an Adviser for Writers struggling in the Freelance Market. Before long she was able to identify a trend within the new community that was in need of immediate correction. It seemed that many would-be-Wordsmiths were unable to properly locate the available resources that could greatly improve their impact on the Market. In her eyes too many Writers were unable to maintain the status-quo for their cost of living. Inevitably causing them to retract from the life in which the dream to survive in. 

After careful thought and thoroughly weighing the Benefit and the negative impact, Haley Young took a year off and hired an eight-man research team. Once the Case Study was officially underway, Haley brought in another Freelance professional and Bestselling Author to help aid their noble cause. Haley Young hired Albert Kaufmann, and the duo began a chain of Entrepreneurial ownership, founding many different companies in a variety of Industries. They were such an efficient team, that when Albert took over the family business he offered a co-ownership spot to Haley. Five Awards later, Gladiator Publishing Company has become the official Number One Ranked Publishing Service in NY. 

Co-Owner / Publisher

Albert is an accomplished Senior Executive and Author with more than 15 years of success spanning publishing, content writing, and retail. Leveraging extensive experience delivering innovative branding strategy, Albert is a valuable asset for a company requiring advisory related to brand development, new market entry, rebranding, or advertising alignment. His broad areas of expertise include digital marketing, publishing, writing, media relations, process optimization, branding, and talent management. Albert is an award-winning Publisher who delivers a high-quality publishing experience to his customers at an exceptional value. He leads innovation, drives creativity, and fuels productivity throughout his enterprise.

Throughout his executive career, Albert has held leadership positions with Gladiator Publishing Company and served as a Freelance Writer working for a wide variety of clients. He has been responsible for leading a publishing company offering publishing services at 84% less cost than the market average, maintaining the most competitive prices to service ratio, and earning the DEXmedia and Yellow Pages awards for value pricing and customer service. Albert led a top-to-bottom organization-wide restructuring, implemented customer service initiatives resulting in improved customer satisfaction statistics across all measurable categories, and focused business development strategies netting more than 50k new subscribers. Additionally, Albert collaborates with an intellectual property rights enforcement team, defends authors rights, and licenses e-books.

An industry leader, Albert specializes in customer satisfaction, cutting-edge products, and brand concept development. He authors poems and books, leads brand impact efforts for startups and established companies, and directs teams providing complimentary full ride editing. Albert has led relentless efforts to ensure the integrity of Authors IPR remains intact.

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