Which Plan is Right for me?

How Does this work?

That is a decision that will be discussed with your designated Account Manager. Our Account Managers are highly trained and very experienced in the Literary Field. Using their understanding of the Market and trending genre, they will be able to determine which plan is best for maximum results without you spending any money on a service that may not turn out as being beneficial.

You Keep your Properties!

Unlike other Self-Publish Companies, we do not want any of the Royalties of your Paper-Back Sales. 

You maintain all Intellectual rights of your work throughout the entire process as well as Marketing Process and there-on. We are under a Contractual Agreement which prohibits us from making any final decisions without your Approval regarding your creation. 

First, you need to fill out a contact form, so we have information to contact you via Email or Phone. Any contact you have with your Account Manager is free; it makes no sense to charge someone for asking questions about a process that is new to them. From there you and your Account Manager will discuss what route is best for your manuscript. If it is not complete, no problem because there are ways we can help with the creative process as well. 

If you decide to sign with us, you will receive forms via email that shows how your intellectual property is protected and the agreed upon Processes or Package. All prices can be manipulated to fit your budget cap, and there is a pay-as-you-go program. 

All consultations are free.

There are no Hidden Fees.

Our Honesty to the client is what sets us apart. No reason to Lie.

Base option

Most Purchased Pack
$ 650 Pay as you go available
  • Full Editorial Services
  • Page Formatting 
  • 5 Author Copies (Soft Cover)
  • ISBN Registration
  • LCCN registration
  • Multi-Digital Formatting (Wide Variety of Platforms
  • Professional Written review of your work
  • Digital Design for Custom Cover
  • All services can be altered to better fit the needs of the Author
  • Specialty Prints can cost a little extra due to the rise in print material, charged accordingly.

  • Keep all Royalties from Book Sales
  • Maintain Intellectual Property
  • Revise or adjust your book at any time during the process.

Launch Option

Base Option Features Included
$ 1600 Pay as you go available
  • Entire Base Opt. Pack included
  • Digital Design Consultation
  • E-Marketing
  • E-Book Website Ads
  • Social-Marketing
  • Retail Push
  • Author Website
  • Options for future Representation

The most Active campaign in Marketing Today


This option the Elite of the Elite when it comes to full Marketing and Promotion. Our goal with reaching this far into the community is to provided exposure in ways that has not been accomplished before. Each strategy is specifically designed for every individual Author. To ensure that we are giving it our all, the team assigned will not have a meeting with out the Authors involvement via Skype or other interactive means. Our Company has worked along side the great minds of others such as AR Kaufmann Writers LLC, East City Blogger, and many others to launch this specific Platform. 



This option can only be discussed if requested due to its intensive nature. 


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