Gladiators Process and How it Works

Gladiator Publishing Company explains our process and exactly how it works. This will give each author an in-depth understanding of what makes Gladiator Great! Never feel “left-out” or “in the dark” with Gladiator Publishing Company.

To submit a query, the author must fill out the form HERE, it will undergo and vetting process. This process determines the acceptance of the manuscript. Authors will be contacted via email within 24-hours to verify that the query was received and to provide an accurate update. Once accepted, the author begin the 1st phase of the publishing process.  

The Phases of Gladiator Publishing

Gladiator Publishing Company is broken down into separate phases to provide a detailed analysis of our publishing process.

Submit Your Query Form Here

Gladiator Publishing WILL ACCEPT unfinished manuscripts. It is our belief that the longer an author has to develop their brand and authentic their authorship, the better market-impact during the final launch.

Phase One

Get Your Head in the Game

After you have been selected you will be contacted by a Gladiator Publishing administrative member. This is to make initial contact and answer any questions you may still have. If the manuscript is completed it will begin it’s journey to the Editing Department. If the manuscript is still in production, the process will continue but at a strategic pace fitting the time frame. Below is what key-factors that will be accomplished during phase-one

Demographic Research

1-on-1 Industry Training

Content Opportunity

Fan-base Development Platform

Initial Press Release

Custom Logo Design

Light Media Outreach

Digital Basis

When Do You Stand?

Phase Two

Editorial Process

Depending on the production status of the manuscript, Phase TWO runs parallel with phase one.



Copy / Line


Before initiating Phase Three, we will begin to implement a aggressive and targeted campaign

Help Gladiator Publishing Company Take a Stand

Phase Three

Soft Launch and Optimization

This phase is the final stage prior to the publications full launch into print. In order to optimize the readers digital experience, we quietly launch the creation on a high traffic platform to aid SEO rankings while Gladiator Administration press for reader reviews. This is a primary point of marketing campaigns and media outreach efforts are at it’s highest. This stage is initiated only when the publication is released from the editorial department.   

Phase Four is the full launch into Print format and Readers can enjoy your creation as they purchase it from their preferred Book Store or their favorite website.

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