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Stand up against unfair Publishing Services

Studies have shown that the average Publishing Service is guilty of at least one of these terrible crimes and it’s costing Authors thousands-of-dollars! Find out exactly what we do differently that can benefit your Journey as a Writer. Welcome to Gladiator Publishing Company

About Gladiator Publishing Company

A family oriented and operated, Gladiator Publishing established in 1920 as a small four-page News Paper Publication has grown into one of the highest respected names in the Industry. As per tradition, the reigns of the small establishment passed down to the youngest eligible heir to the throne. This relative was different compared to his ancestors and mentors of yesterdays Gladiator. The 31-year-old tattooed Biker and Army Infantry Veteran already had a reputation in the Literary Community as a foul-mouthed, loud-spoken, and aggressively loyal advocate for Writers/Author rights. That was not all he brought to the table. Teaming up with Internationally Award-winning Editor, Haley L. Young, they studied the Industry intently and found ways to return the power back to the Writer.

The Differences and Benefits

Intellectual Property

During the Publishing Process, the Author never loses their rights to make final decisions when it comes to their Manuscript. They retain the Copyrights, Intellectual Property, and Creative Control.


The Publishing Author will maintain 100% of all royalties from both Paper and Digital sales.


Every Author that signs with Gladiator will have the option to receive our no interest, budget-friendly, and no restriction on due date pay-as-you-go plan. 

The Price is Right

While other Services, not to be confused with the duties of a true Publisher like Gladiator, will charge you tens-of-thousands of your hard earned money, we have a different approach.

For the first time in today’s Publishing Industry, we have found a way to save the Author money. How much? Good question. We prove, as you will see, that our service is, not only Award Winning for it’s Initial Market Impact, but we are a proud 76-80% Less Costly than our nearest competitor.

Learn from active Literary Professionals

Our full Author-Inclusive program gives the Publishing Writer the unique chance to work side-by-side as we Market, Brand Develop, create Sales Funnel, reach media outlets, and launch their Novel. Learn from the professionals that do this for a living and will show you every trick from SEO keywording, Metadata, Converting/formatting Ebooks, and the techniques we use for our Award-Winning Market Impact.

Editorial Process

Unlike our competitors, when the Author enters the Editorial process, they are going to receive the full service by a real professional Editor. There will be no surprise fee that can jump the cost up by a few thousand dollars. Receive your True-Blue Editorial Process full of all the Grammar Check, Sentence Structure, Story-flow, Line Editing, and red marks that we, as Writers, come to enjoy. Remember, nothing will be changed without the Authors final approval.   


Don’t take our word for it! Just listen to what a few of our Authors had to say.

Meet The Family

Gladiator Publishing has one the most respected Partnered Networks in the Industry. Our Authors reap the full benefits of our friends while they enjoy the fruits of their Labor.  Gladiator Authors are never alone during their process. Access your Novel on Google Play and know that your Intellectual Property Rights are squared-away while they are directly embedded into the ISBN API Database. All included, no extra charges and nothing but Honesty, Loyalty, Respect. Period.

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